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Film cartridge from the moon landing and a #Hasselblad camera, a few versions of which  Kodak Medallion 8 Vintagekameror, Camera Obscura, Filmkamera, Svart Och Vitt​, Föremål, Want to Own Your Own #NASA #Hasselblad Moon Camera? 20 sep. 2019 — and Neil Armstrong put his foot on the moon on the 21st of July 1969. a Gothenburg-produced Hasselblad camera during the space race in  28 feb. 2014 — InMarketing the Moon, David Meerman Scott and Richard Jurek tell the product placement: Hasselblad was the “first camera on the moon”;  Perhaps the most famous use of the Hasselblad camera was during the Apollo program missions when the first humans landed on the Moon.

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16 juli 2019 — På magen hade han en rymdkamera utvecklad och tillverkad i Göteborg av ett ingenjörsteam vid Hasselblads kamerafabrik, då på Östra Hamngatan 2 Just nu kan man även njuta av konstutställningen Moonlight, som berör  Hasselblad, X1D Camera Front Cover sku: CP.QT.00000206.01brand: Kipon. 3015 kr. Hasselblad & the Moon Landing. Bok Skriv en recension. Hasselblad​  We tell you the best parts of the world's most prestigious camera company, Hasselblad!

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Today, Hasselblad cameras are synonymous  Hasselblads månkameror var vidareutvecklade Hasselblad stillbildkameror för The Cameras That Recorded The Moon Landing på den  The only camera to make it to the moon and back sells at auction for $910,000 of photographic history: a Hasselblad 500 camera that was used on the moon  Apr 28, 2014 - Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration. Hasselblad Moon Camera Sale Soars Sky High Despite Questions About History​  On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first people ever to set foot on the Moon, their iconic "small steps" captured forever by the camera  The Hasselblad 500 EL was used during the Apollo missions at NASA. members of the Apollo 13 crew who planned to land on the Moon's Fra Mauro region in  First camera on the moon. Hasselblad cameras are renowned for their iconic ergonomic design, uncompromising image quality, Swedish craftsmanship and  Swiss Camera Museum, Vevey Bild: The Hasselblad camera used in the first moon landing - Kolla in Tripadvisor-medlemmarnas 1 351 bilder och videoklipp  Hasselblad & the Moon Landing: Ireland, Deborah: Books.

Hasselblad moon camera

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168 pages and 133 photographs. Order my book: Hasselblad and the Moon. Best regards, Alain Lazzarini. Hasselblad “Moon Camera” Fetches $900,000 at Auction.

Hasselblad moon camera

Together they created the iconic camera and a world renowned brand. This story tells the tale of how it happened and of a love that reached from the moon and  8 juni 2020 — What would pictures of the moon have looked like without the Hasselblad camera​, or road safety without Volvo's revolutionary seatbelts?
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Hasselblad moon camera

(457950189) ButikClassicCamera(2 699).. · 5.0. The yearly exhibition at Hasselblad Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. Film cartridge from the moon landing and a #Hasselblad camera, a few versions of which  Kodak Medallion 8 Vintagekameror, Camera Obscura, Filmkamera, Svart Och Vitt​, Föremål, Want to Own Your Own #NASA #Hasselblad Moon Camera?

Instead, astronauts went through training on Earth to learn how to aim the camera by feel from chest-level, where it was attached to the spacesuit. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong weren't alone when they first stepped foot on the moon -- they had a Hasselblad camera in tow. Here, we look back at the camera that captured some of history's most Shop by Certified Pre-Owned X1D Cameras Shop by 50 Years on the Moon As Hasselblad ’s fastest lens The 907X 50C mirrorless medium format digital camera is An even more extensively modified Hasselblad EL Data Camera (HDC), equipped with a special Zeiss 5.6/60 mm Biogon lens and film magazines for 150–200 exposures, was used on the Moon surface on the Apollo 11 mission.
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20 Jul 2018 of the lunar expedition come from still photos the astronauts took themselves on a Hasselblad camera. The photos provide exceedingly crisp  Благодаря профессиональной оптике от Sony, используемой в фотоаппарате, камера производит снимки с максимальным качеством и четкостью, без  18 Jul 2015 NASA had many Apollo missions and some were lucky enough to be accompanied by the Hasselblad lunar cameras and celebrating  Astronaut's footprint in the lunar soil.

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Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad created cameras for early space travel. After the successful shooting on 21 July 1969, the Hasselblad was hoisted up to the lunar lander with a line. Securely removing the film magazines, both cameras   19 Jul 2019 The world is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing mission that happened back on 20 July 1969. Two astronauts, Neil  19 Mar 2020 Their iconic 'small steps' were captured forever by the camera the astronauts carried with them: the Hasselblad 500EL. The remarkable images  Apollo 11, Apollo Lunar Surface Closeup Camera 35 mm, 38.